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Student Chapters of the HBVC (SHBVC)

In an effort to increase the awareness of veterinary students about the role of veterinarians in beekeeping, the Veterinary Feed Directive, and to generate more interest in the discipline, the HBVC is recognizing the formation of Student Chapters of the HBVC (SHBVC) at individual veterinary schools.

The HBVC will recognize domestic and international veterinary student honey bee veterinary medicine clubs according to the following criteria:

  • Accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).
  • Submission of a letter of support from an on-site faculty advisor (from the College of Veterinary Medicine or Entomology).
  • Submission of a Constitution and Bylaws for approval. (See sample constitution and bylaws)
  • Contact information for current officers and advisors.
  • Submission of a SHBVC Annual Report by September 8th each year (HBVC Student Chapter Annual Survey).
Application materials should be submitted to the HBVC Student Chapter Committee Chair, Amy Franklin. Once your club has been approved, the SHBVC President is responsible for registering the chapter as a student organization with your university’s Student Union.

Benefits of SHBVC Membership

  • HBVC speakers to present at SHBVC meetings. Based on availability, Zoom may be the only option. Request a speaker.
  • The use of “Student Chapter of the Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium” as a club name.
  • A Facebook page (coming soon) for Student Chapter members to connect and discuss the latest honey bee news.
  • Have your Chapter featured in the HBVC Newsletter. We love to hear from HBVC Student Chapters! Email Garett Slater and tell us about your Chapter’s latest activities.
  • Student Award for Excellence in Honey Bee Veterinary Medicine. Students who receive this award will be entered into a drawing to receive complementary registration to attend the HBVC annual conference.

Student Chapter Contacts

Below is a listing of the Student Chapters of the HBVC approved to date and their current faculty advisors with links to chapter web pages where applicable.

President: Jace Enwards (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Craig McConnel (

President: Alex Hyman (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Colleen Duncan (


CSU Student Organization & Social Media links below:

Facebook Website 

President: Anne Goodall (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joerg Mayer (

President: Grace Ritter (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Gilbert (


Student Social Media link below:


Co-President: Sarah Remfry (

Co-President: Karen Hood (

President: Fiona Yeung (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Meghan Milbrath (

MSU Student Organization & Social Media links below:


President: Matthew Criscione (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Mitchell (

LSU Student Organization website link below:


President: Christian Frazier (

President: Lindsey Barrett (
Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Gillian Kruskall (
           Rick Rego (

Tufts Student Organization Instagram link below: